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Getting Started Webcasts

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Getting Started with New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

25 minutes

Start here to learn the basics about how New Relic collects application metrics and other features to get you up and running on Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Power User Tips & Tricks

60 minutes

Get ready to learn about less-used features that can make New Relic APM an even more powerful tool.

Getting Started with New Relic Insights

60 minutes

Wouldn’t it be great if you could mine the information in your applications to help make business decisions? Learn how to use New Relic Insights to get answers to questions you didn't even know you had!

Getting Started with New Relic Synthetics

60 minutes

Learn how to create scripts to exercise your site and to detect problems before your users see them.

Getting Started with New Relic Browser

27 minutes

Did you know that 80% or more of your application’s response time is spent on the front end? Discover how to use New Relic Browser to monitor and analyze your end users’ experience.

Configuring Alert Policies

60 minutes

New Relic dashboards are super cool, but who has time to sit around watching them all day? New Relic Alerting is a flexible, centralized alerting system that allows you to create and manage alert policies that fit your environment and the metrics you care about most.

Improving Performance with Mobile Monitoring

60 minutes

Mobile developers want to spend less time troubleshooting and more time building cool new features and products. Learn how to use New Relic Mobile to quickly troubleshoot mobile application performance problems and get back to the good stuff.

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