Performance Tools

Roughly 26 minutes course work

Learn how to create custom dashboards and use New Relic Alerting and Synthetics: you can use these key performance monitoring tools with any New Relic Product.

Course Overview

New Relic products work together as a platform from which you can troubleshoot and monitor software performance from end to end. Use these key performance monitoring tools to get the most out of your New Relic Data.

Dashboards: create purpose-specific reports with a variety of metrics and visualizations that can be shared in a meeting or displayed on a monitor.​

  • dashboards and Data Apps work together in Insights
  • to create and edit a dashboard, and
  • to create and edit a Data App

Alerting: Learn how to use Alerting to monitor and get notified about all your apps.

  • Get an overview of how alerting works
  • Create Alert Policies
  • Understand the Incident Lifecycle
  • Create notification channels

Synthetics: Learn how to test your app from different global locations, simulate user flows and interactions, and check the performance of individual page components

  • How to create Synthetic monitors and view results
  • How to troubleshoot problems using Synthethics
  • How to create Synthetics alerts
  • How to create scripted monitoring